Wonder Woman Teases Superman in Justice League Trailer


Justice League is going to be released next month, and millions of people around the world love how Wonder Woman is teasing Superman in the new trailer.

The trailer is full of action with high-end cinematography. It has plenty of lighthearted banter and gee-whiz action. This is the fourth and possibly the domestic theatrical trailer for Justice League among all the trailers released till now.

This is the most anticipated real hero sequel in 2017. Now, it is rounding the final lap with its best foot forward. Till now, we’ve got lots of spectacles, an optimistic tone, some pretentiously “epic” music blended with an incredibly colorful palette and mixed with some humor. The film might have a Danny Elfman score, but one thing that is standing out of the crowd is that you can almost hear Michael McCuistion’s heavy instrumental guitar riff.

The movie has a lot more than Batman vs. Superman movie, which got released last year. Justice League movie is IMAX-friendly. There are a lot of things unique about this film as well. In this year, apparently this is the most significant superhero movie.

This movie has the perfect combination of the visual styling of a Zack Snyder and the character interaction of a Joss Whedon ensemble actioner. And on the top of that, we have Hans Zimmer Superman theme that gets me every time.

Still, there are six weeks left before this grand artistic movie gets released. As far as the star cast of the movie is concerned, it’s huge. Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg are ready to save the world in one live-action film.


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